About Us

Po San Carpet Limited is a rapid growing company with wide customer base. We are proud of our market knowledge and fully understanding of the real needs of our customers. Together with our comprehensive cleaning and management experience,Po San Carpet System will provide free consultation and tailor made a program to our customers with the best and high quality cleaning service.

Team spirit, strong internal communications and staff's sense of belonging are some of the reasons leading to the success of our company.

Our staffs concentrate on every details so as to get the job done well in order to provide you with great satisfaction on our professional services.

Different Culture and Management Skills:

1. Focus on Communication with Customers and Our Staffs

We put emphasis on mutual communications with our customers. Besides daily basis phone calls and document back and forth, we would arrange regular meetings with our customers to make proper re-arrangement to fit their needs.

Our supervisor will be on site regularly for the supervision of the cleaning standard. We also ensure that supervisor would listen to and understand the diffculties of our front line operators in order to provide best advice and assistance.

In additon, we encourage our staff to attend cleaning courses, symposium in order to maintain a high quality service.

2. On Going Staff Training and Boost Staff's Morale

Our training center is equipped with different facilities and full of information. This help us to reinforce the environmental protection and hygiene knowledge of our staffs. We also provide special cleaning technique to our staffs.

Our staffs are encouraged to attend management course to excel their leadship, communication skills and knowledge.

To maintain our staffs with excellent working attitude, best performance and high efficiency, we have a perfect Staff Incentive Scheme.

3. High Quality Detergent, Chemicals and Equipments

We choose world class, high quality materials and equipments to provide excellent and effecitive cleaning service.

4. Emphasis on After-Sales Service

We put emphasis on after-sales service on building mutual trust and respect relationship with our customers. We make ourselves always available to listen to and take action promptly to complaints to keep improving our service standard.