Carpet Cleaning

Our Company would use the following method together with our professional knowhow to remove the stubborn dirt from carpet. We would select the most approproate detergent and chemical to process the cleaning.
Extractor | Bonnet Cleaning | Dry Foam Method
Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning

Extractor sprays cleaning chemicals on carpet and helps to clean the carpet intensively with a rotating brush, which can reduce friction & fibre degeneration. After brushing the carpet "Stubborn" Dirt & liquid can then be extracted immediately from the carpet and can hardly be remained at the base. Extraction helps to protect the softness of carpet from impairments as relatively less pressure is exerted on the carpet.
extractorCarpet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a minimum moisture carpet cleaning method. It is among the easiest carpet cleaning methods to learn .
A detergent solution will be spraying onto the carpet thoroughtly. Then, use a rotary machine and a moistened pad (rayon, cotton, and/or polypropylene) to clean and absord the soil.
CarpetBonnet cleaning

In the dry foam method, an aerator is used to whip the pre-determined solution in a foam. The foam is then dispensed into the rotary machine. Rotating brushes clean up the carpet with the foam. The dry foam method is an effective low moisture, rapid drying carpet cleaning method (Highly Recommended Carpet Cleaning Method)
CarpetDry Foam Method